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Tac Medicine - Basic/TEEKS Accredited

May 4,2019

Saturday at 8:30 AM – 5 PM


(pre registration is required to attend, we are only allowed a certain number of students)
Course Instructors -Special Operations Medical, Wilderness Medicine , Close Protection and High Threat Instructors with experience around the globe in austere enviroments.
No previous training or experience required to attend.
Tactical Medicine classes fill the gap between combat aid and civilian EMS training. Basic Tactical Medicine (TacMed) is an 8 to 9 hour course that includes an overview of tactical emergency combat care, environmental hazards and treatment, bleeding control, and wound dressing. Students will receive instruction and demonstration on each course topic and then be expected to perform the task under varying levels of stress. This course exposes students to visually traumatic images and artificial blood. Portions of this training include physically demanding and emotionally challenging scenarios. Students will follow the MARCH algorithm to be able to apply in any situation in their life.
The TacMed course curriculum is based on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) & (TCCC) core concepts.
At the end of this​ course, students will be expected to: Perform work priorities in a high threat environment.
Demonstrate the following self aid/buddy aid skills:
Eliminate the immediate threat
Move casualty to safe area
Proper hemorrhage control
Proper airway control
Wound dressing
Improvised techniques
Shock prevention and treatment
*​ Old clothes are recommended because of exposure to simulated blood
*​ Snacks, lunch and a drink are recommended
Unless noted on the calendar, dates or private requests, this is a scenario based training course without live fire introduction.

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