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Advanced Tactical Firearms for     "Licensed to Carry" Holders     $150

Instructor:  Ed Shadbolt
Adv Tac for LTC.jpg

You will need for class time:


  • Current Valid License to Carry

  • Ear and Eye Protection and billed cap

  • Holster and at least 2 magazines for auto or 2 speed loaders for revolvers

  • 200 rounds of Ammunition

  • Gun Cleaning Equipment

  • Durable clothes for foul weather conditions

  • Student will required to lay on ground during some drills unless physical conditions prohibit

  • Water or other hydration drinks and snacks

  • BandAids/Medical Tape for minor cuts and scrapes.



Class times are 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (unless otherwise noted)

In Class Information is presented through a combination of PowerPoints, lectures, hands on, and 2-3 hours of range time.  You'll need approximately 200 rounds of ammunition for this class.


Course Goal:

To elevate the license holder above the level previously certified by expanding their knowledge     base, operational skills and survival capabilities.


This course will provide both technical and tactical training techniques that are based on specific

 requirements.  The instruction will be accomplished with a combination of classroom and range activities.  

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding and Using Proper Range Safety Rules

  • Understanding and Proper Use of your Weapon

  • Preparing Mentally for Confrontation

  • Identifying Threats Under High Stress Conditions

  • Understanding Realities of Life Threatening Encounters

  • Analysis of Multiple Threat Situations

  • Learning and Using Tactical Handgun Manipulation Techniques

  • Learning and Using Handgun Accuracy Techniques

  • Executing Multiple Shot Placements

  • Using a Variety of Cover Techniques

  • Executing Weapon Malfunction Clearing Drills

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