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Edged Weapons Awareness & Skills     

Instructor:  Steve Moses

You will register for this course on the Palisade Training Group website.  Some classes will be held at the Armed Texans Training Facility.  Check the registration site for location and date.

Edged Weapon Awareness and Skills course is a 4-hour block of instruction designed for the following purposes:

1. Better equip the LTC holder, security officers, and law enforcement to deal with a situation in which they are unexpectedly targeted by a violent criminal armed with a knife or improvised edged weapon before they are able to access and effectively use a handgun at well beyond contact distances (or worse, do not have access to a handgun at all); and
2. Provide the student with simple small knife defensive skills in the event that they are otherwise unarmed and set upon by a single attacker with superior physical skills, multiple attackers, or even an attacker also armed with an edged weapon.


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