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Welcome to the Armed Texans IDPA Page

We compete every THIRD Saturday at 10 AM AND again the following Sunday (8 days later) at 2 PM.


To read the most current IDPA rulebook, click here.




Contact Steve at or 903-283-3318 for questions or concerns.


  • Attention New Shooters: If you have never shot IDPA, you MUST notify us at least three days before the match and arrive 1 hour early for orientation.

  • Orientation does NOT teach you the game; you MUST read the rulebook and inform yourself about the basics of the sport before you arrive. We use orientation time to reinforce the things you do know and eliminate misinformation. To schedule orientation contact Armed Texans, or call Prater @

  • 903-283-3318 and leave a message.

  • A NOTE ABOUT EQUIPMENT: We have equipment we can lend you for the short term (again, new shooters should give us three days’ notice); NO Blackhawk SERPA holsters will be allowed unless modified (you should notify us if you’re using a modified SERPA). A concealment garment is not required for your first match.

  • AMMUNITION: No steel-core or steel-jacketed projectiles; no tracers.

  • ARMED TEXANS IS A COLD RANGE: No handling of firearms unless in marked Safe Areas or under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. 

  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory at all times for participants and spectators.



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