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Tac Medicine Intermediate - TEEKS Accredited

May 5, 2019

Sunday at 10 AM – 6 PM


INTERMEDIATE TACTICAL MEDICINE- (pre registry is required , Tac Med 1 or equivalent is required to attend)

For First Responder/Military/Civillian personnel and builds on Basic TacMed 1 curriculum, adding pre-hospital trauma care while under duress. The focus of the instruction is to give the student the ability to recognize, evaluate and control life-threatening injuries common to all first responders and emergency team members (students can attend with basic TM completed or equivalent) with a tactical slant. Students will be expected to provide care under fire, or responding to a mass casualty event.
It fills the gap between military combat first-aid and civilian Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Topics include: engaging a active threat, cover vs conceal, managing trauma, hemorrhage (bleeding) control, wound dressing, breathing/airway control, pediatric care, and techniques for dragging and carrying victims to safety while actively engaged in a gun fight, triage and evacuation.
Students experience plenty of hands-on “dry fire” practice in the field , along with role-playing demonstrations and drills. The live portion of the course focuses on fighting while wounded and​ shooting​ from multiple positions to secure the scene. The drills will include two and one-handed pistol manipulations utilizing simunition or live rounds when incorporated.​ Intense threat engagements and elevated​ casualty rescue scenarios will be incorporated.
At the end of this course, students will​ be expected to:
*​ Perform work priorities in a high-threat environment
*​ Explain and demonstrate rapid trauma assessment
*​ Demonstrate self-aid and buddy-aid techniques:
*​ Proper hemorrhage control
*​ Proper airway control
*​ Techniques for wound dressing
*​ Techniques to prevent shock
*​ Demonstrate techniques for evacuating victims to safety while under various levels of threat
*​ Demonstrate providing care to yourself (self-aid) and others while under live-fire scenarios
Equipment Requirements:
Must have completed TAC Med Basic or Equivalent , also attended a defensive handgun 1 course or equivalent from reputable trainer, LE school or military school.
*​ Eye and ear protection
*​ Sturdy belt and OWB or IWB holster
*125 rounds training ammo
*​ Weather appropriate clothing (old clothes are recommended due to exposure to simulated blood)
*​ A packed lunch and water bottle
*​ Note taking material

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