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Organizational & Church Security Training

There are two levels. Each level is a building block but can be combined into one full day. All Levels focus on general safety awareness and the reinforcement of good personal safety habits. This information cannot be repeated and reinforced enough. This part of the course is tailor made for each group. The participants are encouraged to share their views, experiences and concerns.

Level One is focused on situational awareness and how to avoid becoming a victim.  The duration of this course is 2 hours.


Level Two reinforces the foundation tools & techniques learned in Level One. Level Two then goes further with participants learning to apply the techniques with quicker response times and effectiveness. Ground techniques are also introduced in this level. Level Two also focuses on building greater confidence in the participants in the use of all the techniques and their ability to deal with verbal and physical aggression. Verbal diffusion is discussed in depth in this workshop and the participants practice their skills in scenarios.  Thus the workshops are very scenario based rather than in lecture format.  The duration of this course is determined by the number of participants (about 4-6 hours).

Church Security Training - 1st Sunday of Month

Organizational Security - Contact to set session for your team

Most people would not consider employment in an office or school environment particularly dangerous career fields, but as evidenced in the last several years both are prime targets for people with a grudge, people who are mentally defective, and people with a political or fanatical agenda.   Assault, murder, torture, and robbery are too often a part of our daily lives and being forwarned, alert to your surroundings and prepared to take action when necessary will make it safer for you and the people around you.  

So what to do?  Take a self-defense class?  
· Self-defense training is good, but physical skills are perishable.
· Are you going to devote the time it takes to train and maintain these skills so you can perform under pressure?
The problem with focusing purely on self-defense techniques is that it teaches you only to respond to an attack, not to detect it and avoid it.  

While the majority of people you come in contact with are legitimate and are on the property for its intended purpose, there are those with a more sinister intent. The danger is very real.

This Organizational Safety Survival Course will prepare you to develop your own safety and security plan by:

1. Raising Your Awareness Levels
2. Understanding the Patterns and Dynamics of Violence
3. Enhancing Your Defensive Capabilities
Through the use of lecture and practical exercises, the course will cover:

· Recent trends & statistics in violence against offices and schools.  
· Situational Awareness and how it can save your life.

· Why YOU need to be more vigilant if you suspect a person is a threat to you.
· How to recognize common verbal and non-verbal indicators that proceed an attack….so that you’re a step ahead of the attack BEFORE it’s even started!  

Awareness and Prevention: This course gives you the advantage by teaching you how to recognize and spot danger before it happens, rather than simply teaching you how to react to it.  

Contact Armed Texans for additional details and to schedule a training for your team.


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