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USPSA Competition Shooting

Competitive Divisions

As the governing body of IPSC shooting in the United States, USPSA provides a wide range of competitive opportunities for shooters with regulated competition in six distinct divisions. Each division within USPSA is determined by the kind of firearm used and ranges from production guns, the “stock cars” of the sport, to fully customized open guns that are the Formula 1 cars of Practical Shooting. The following is an explanation of the six divisions within USPSA.


Although very similar, there are some equipment differences between the USPSA and IPSC handgun divisions. Both IPSC and USPSA Open require 9x19 mm loaded to a power factor of 125 kgr·ft/s as the minimum caliber for minor scoring


As its name implies, the Open Division allows for the greatest range of pistol and sight modification.   They are custom built with parts and features specifically designed for competition. 


Most modifications are permitted in Limited division except optical sights or compensators. Although most handguns can be used for Limited and Standard, some popular choices are the high capacity 2011 frame STI and SVI pistols. Competitors can make various modifications such as change sights, grips, slide stops, magazine releases and mainspring housings.


Limited-10 is very similar to the Limited division, except that (as the name implies) the competitor can only load a maximum of 10 rounds per magazine.  


Production Division is strictly limited to the use of production handguns with actions that are either double-action-only (DAO), double-action/ single-action (DA/ SA) or striker fired. These are the “duty guns” available from nearly every pistol maker and each of the major manufacturers offers a wide variety of models that meet IPSC or USPSA Production Division requirements. Stock revolvers may also be used, including the 7- and 8-shot variants.

Carry Optics

Carry Optics is a provisional division under evaluation, essentially for "production" type handguns with red dot sights attached to the slide between the rear of slide and the ejection port. Like USPSA Production there is minor scoring only.  

Single Stack

The USPSA Single Stack Division (short "SS") caters to the traditional 1911 fan, and its IPSC equivalent is the Classic division. USPSA introduced Single Stack as a provisional division under the name "1911 Single Stack" in 2006 and made it a regular division in 2008 under the name "Single Stack". Only single-stack model 1911-pattern pistols are allowed in this division, and they must comply with a maximum weight limit, as well as fit fully within a box of specific dimensions. 


The Revolver Division is intended for revolvers and shooters must reload after six rounds if shooting Major power factor or after eight rounds if shooting Minor power factor. Modifications are limited, and prohibited modifications are optical sights, porting and recoil compensators.  

Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC)

The PCC division gives the possibility to compete with a carbine in handgun matches. There is only minor power factor scoring, and the only permitted calibers are 9x19 mm, .357 Sig, 40 S&W, 10 mm and .45 ACP.[18] The carbine must be fired from the shoulder, and a muzzle brake and any optical sight(s) are permitted. Except when shooting, a chamber flag must be fitted.

Welcome to Armed Texans USPSA.

We compete every 4th Saturday at 10am unless otherwise noted on the Registration page  

Notice:  All USPSA matches will be scored using Practiscore and shooters will be required to Pre-register there for our matches.  Click here: to login/register to Practiscore and then locate the match you are interested in and sign up.

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