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Christine Sanders

Christine Sanders is a retired Orange County CA Deputy District Attorney serving in that capacity for 30 years.  She is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside and the University of California, Davis Law School.  

Christine spent 9 years in two special felony vertical prosecution units that were tasked with prosecuting domestic violence and sexual assault cases (meaning the prosecutor handled the case from filing the complaint through trial and sentencing). ​

Christine is a NRA certified Pistol Instructor and NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer. Prior to relocating to East Texas she was the Chapter Leader for the her local chapter of "The Well Armed Woman", now named "Armed Women of America".  Since coming to Texas, she has started the Mineola Chapter of the "Armed Women of America" and is also the Texas State Leader.  Armed Texans is proud and fortunate to host the "Armed Women of America" Chapter meetings and training sessions at our training facility in Mineola on the second Thursday of every month.

Christine has been around guns, hunting and competition shooting most of her life and brings that knowledge to bear as she provides classroom and practical range instruction for women in the local area.   This training and camaraderie of like minded women is geared to expanding the world of firearms and self defense to women in Northeast Texas in a safe, non-threatening way, with the purpose of educating, equipping and empowering women shooters at all levels of expertise. ​

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