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Master Peace Officer DPS Certified LTC Handgun Instructor #01441795

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is a Marine Corps Veteran with service in the Infantry and Security Forces. He has been a police officer since 1997.  During his career he has performed as a Special Response Team (SRT) Commander. Task Force Officer for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Patrol Sergeant and Chief of Police.

Kelly was an adjunct instructor with the East Texas Police Academy for over two decades. He has coordinated local police academies and provided training for local agencies, churches and school districts. The training Kelly has provided has given local officers, teachers and citizens tools that they have used to keep themselves safe in urban and rural environments. Many aspects of the training that Kelly obtained throughout his career has been advantageous to both the Law Enforcement and private communities. ​

Kelly has instructor licenses in over 14 areas pertaining to firearms instruction and defensive tactics. He has been a licensed police officer since 1997, and currently holds a Master Peace Officer license and has been a firearms instructor through Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Education since 1999. Many of these Licenses including Concealed Handgun Instructor, NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor, NRA Firearms Safety for the Home, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Police Rifle Instructor have proven to be helpful to the East Texas community in protecting themselves and their homes. Kelly has led citizen police academies, coordinated Crime Watch groups and obtained national awards for National Night Out events which brings citizens and law enforcement together in order to suppress crime. ​

Kelly brings his widespread law enforcement experience, his love for his community and the tactics and skills that God has blessed him with to the classroom and range in order to keep you and your family safe. You will rest assured in knowing that you will learn not only from Kelly’s training but from the experiences that he has had along the way. Kelly will teach you how to defend yourself in ways that can only be offered from those with training and experience gathered through real life experiences. He offers techniques not only in concealed handgun but also in unarmed defensive tactics, shotgun defense and rifle tactics. There are many options that citizens have when it comes to obtaining training but Kelly knows that the techniques that he has learned from his many instructors over the years and his experience that you will find it time well spent. If you will invest a small portion of your time in skills, "that Kelly hopes you will never need", you can rest at night knowing you have invested in you and your family’s safety.

Kelly, on a case by case basis, also offers a tactical analysis of your home so that you can get practical ideas for defending your home against intruders without harming your family.

Professional Licenses

Master Police Officer
Level II, III, IV Security Officer
Personal Protection Officer
Private Investigator
Certified K9 Officer

Instructor Certifications  

License to Carry instructor  
Firearms Instructor   
Patrol Rifle Instructor
Defensive Tactics Instructor
NRA Pistol/Rifle Instructor
Firearms Safety Instructor


30 + Letters of Commendation
from LE, Judicial, & political leaders
Texas Police Hall of Fame Inductee
Marine Corps League Commandant

Professional Associations

Fellowship of Christian Police Officers 
International LE Educators & Trainers Assn
International Assn of Chiefs of Police  
National Assn of Chiefs of Police 
NRA Lifetime Member
American Hunt Club Lifetime Member    

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