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What is the phone number?


What is the address?

369 County Road 2784, Mineola TX  75773

What is the email?

For general inquiries please email

How do I get there from Mineola?

Leave town heading east on 80, go about 6 miles and turn right on FM 1804 - toward Lindale,   go 1.5 miles and turn left on CR 2784, continue until the road ends.

How much ammo do I need?

This depends on the course, read your course description.

Where should I buy my ammo?

We offer ammo at discounted prices.  You can purchase here and we will have it available for your course date or other specified pick up dates.

How soon should I order my ammo?

We generally keep ammo in stock, but contact us to make sure we have the caliber you are needing available.

Is there a gear list?

Yes, it depends on the course, read your course description.  We do have some gear available here for purchase.

The course I am interested in is not listed or full. Is there a waitlist?

Yes, if the course you want is not offered or full please get on the waitlist at

Do I need to bring a lunch?

Yes, bring a lunch, snacks and drinks for the break.

What type of clothing do I wear?

Dress appropriate for the weather, but pants and closed toed shoes are a must.  Have rain gear available. 

What time do we start?

This depends on the class but we do start on time.  Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to posted time for registration.

What kind of rifle/pistol should I bring?

One that works, that you know to work, and a spare if you can.  For beginner classes, we do have guns available to rent.  For rifle classes, you will need a sling as well. 4-6 magazines that you know to work as well.

What kind of scope should I bring, if applicable?

The one you own, if you need assistance or want recommendations on what we have seen and know to work contact

Do I need a holster/sling?

Yes, very much.  A quality holster that retains the pistol securely when turned upside down. Along with a solid belt.

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What is the largest caliber you allow on the range?

We have steel reactive targets that you can shoot any pistol calibers on. The rifle range is limited to .308 caliber.  Full auto or bump triggers can only be used upon approval. 

How old do you have to be to shoot on the range?

You must be 18 years old to shoot on the range, unless you have adult supervision. 

What kind of ranges do you have?

We have rifle and pistol ranges.  Currently our longest rifle range is 100 yards. Pistol bays range from 50-100 yards.

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