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CPR/First Aid


Red Cross Certification

  • Who would benefit?

  • Emergency response teams

  • Employees requiring refresher training

  • Safety personnel

  • General public

  • Individuals requiring certification


As long as child is capable of 

understanding instruction




  • If you need CPR training to satisfy an OSHA-mandated job requirement or you just want to know how to keep your loved ones safe, this class is American Red Cross certified to ensure that you get the latest information, and quality instruction for adult, child and infant CPR.  Did you know that the current survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest is less than 7%? Dramatically improve those odds with training that prepares participants to respond to a medical emergency. The combination of instructor and hands-on training assures maximum skills retention.

    Participants will learn:

  • To take action in a medical emergency

  • To assess the victim

    To provide basic life support, including airway management, breathing and circulation 



  • Prepare for the unexpected with first aid training from the American Red Cross.  

  • Employees, family and friends are often on the "front line" of an emergency situation. Their ability to respond quickly to injuries can save lives. This course teaches participants how to recognize everyday medical emergencies and care for an injury or illness until professional help arrives.

  • Participants will learn how to:

  • Control bleeding

  • Care for injuries, wounds and burns

  • Action to take for choking

  • Action to take for sudden Illness

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