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Ed Shadbolt

Ed Shadbolt is an US Air Force veteran having served in the Civil Engineers. Ed has been a certified law enforcement officer for over 41 years and has been a resident of Wood County Texas since 1978. He is a certified Master Peace Officer for the State of Texas and is currently performing as  a Reserve Officer for the City of Van. ​

Ed is a Certified Firearms Instructor through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and the North Texas Police Academy.  He is a Certified TCOLE law Enforcement Instructor and Patrol Rifle Instructor through  Texas A&M University system.  

Ed is also certified by the NRA to instruct Police Firearms and civilian pistol classes.  He is certified in Terrorism Response Tactics through Texas State University and a certified Texas Marine Safety Instructor by Texas Wildlife and Parks.  He has received Basic SWAT Training with the Dallas Swat Team.  

Ed has received drug interdiction training from the Texas Narcotics Officer Association. ​ Ed has been recognized for the Firearms Use and Handling training he provided to the Region-1 offices (Tyler) of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Parole Division.  He is a member of the International Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (IALEFI) and been a competitive shooter since 1998.

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