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NRA Precision Pistol Competition

Instructor:  Daniel Miller
Master Classification

We have added NRA Precision Pistol to our monthly events. These matches will be held on the 4th calendar Saturday of each month. Matches begin at 8:00 AM. On sight check in before match begins at 7:30 AM. Gate will be open at 8:00 for set up. PLEASE, pre-register with us by contacting Ron Carter at  Pre-registry aids us in getting the range set properly for the correct amount of contestants.

NRA Precision Pistol, formerly known as NRA Conventional Pistol, is a national bullseye shooting discipline organized in the United States by NRA. Emphasis is on accuracy and precision, and participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits.  It is geared to developing skills required to shoot one-handed at 5.5 inch and 8 inch bullseye targets at 25 and 50 yards. All courses of fire are from a standing position using a one-handed grip at two different targets depending on the distance and type of match. The slow-fire targets have the 8–10 rings inside the bullseye and the rapid fire targets have only the 9, 10 and X rings inside the black.

Click on the Registration button above to register with Ron Carter - Event Coordinator

Any questions contact:

Ron Carter - Event Coordinator

Any questions contact Ron Carter

Phone: 903-253-4417


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