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Real World Solo

Structure Clearing           

Instructors:  Steve Moses



The "Real World Solo Structure Clearing" course is designed to address the needs of solo homeowners, armed office workers, church security team members, and security and law enforcement officers dealing with potential or actual illegal intrusions in a home, office, churches and warehouses.  Covered in detail are criminal motivations and why they may matter, principles regarding use of cover, concealment, distance, angles, speed, white light, slow clearing and emergency clearing, taking intruders at gunpoint, dealing with hostage takers, force-on-force scenarios, and live fire drills based upon careful use of cover, concealment (most walls inside structures are drywall), and while rapidly aggressing. 



Some classes will be conducted at The Armed Texans Training Facility at 369 CR 2784, Mineola, TX 75773.  Check registration site for dates and locations

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