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MILO Range Solution and Simulator


MILO is designed to go beyond marksmanship and firearm training. This isn’t just a computerized firing range or a simple “use-of-force” and force-options simulator; it is a full “human interaction simulator.” MILO simulated scenarios are optimized to create opportunities for officers to practice their judgment skills in true-to-life situations, with all the complexity, nuance, and emotional pressure these bring. Scenarios especially surface tricky situations, such as those involving domestic disputes, individuals with mental health issues, and persons under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

MILO systems are emotionally immersive simulators. Trainees and officers work through role-playing scenarios with branching decision trees that give them opportunities to exercise every facet of their training–from fine-tuning their presence, tone of voice, and de-escalation strategies to using force options—from tasers or OC spray to batons and sidearms.


Every HD scenario including both the standard library of more than 500 scenarios, as well as any custom-produced for your agency can be run in interactive low-light/flashlight conditions. Throughout every scenario, the instructor can make adjustments to hone and challenge every aspect of their student’s judgment, situational awareness, tactical, and community policing skills.

Each year almost as many officers died due to driving mishaps as handgun assaults. Given their number of hours on the road, judgment skills behind the wheel are likely the most critical skill of all. That’s why MILO offers solutions like DrivingForce, the industry’s only fully integrated police driver training and police interaction training simulator solution. Training officers to smoothly transition from pursuit to contact, deescalating themselves and the situation at every stage, is a vital step in improving outcomes and eliminating avoidable injuries and death.

Train to your Policy

We invest time in understanding your needs and policies upfront, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies and challenges inevitably change over time. We partner with agencies to develop their ideal simulation-based training solution.

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Use of Force Training in MILO Range

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MILO training.jpg

Real-World Circumstances

MILO provides a virtual simulation training environment for law enforcement to utilize in training for use-of-force, critical incident training, de-escalation, decision support training, traditional tactical judgment training, firearms proficiency training, and more. This type of training is invaluable, as it provides real-world circumstances and can create simulations of known local facilities and sites.

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